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Are you a Telstra Shop?

We are a Telstra Partner; a privately owned telecommunications store that specialises in Telstra solutions. As a Telstra Partner we can offer the same products and solutions as Telstra online, over the phone or in a Telstra Branded store. In addition to the products available from Telstra, we also have access to a broad range of complimentary suppliers and product options to help find the right match for your specifc needs. 

How can I make my mobile phone ring longer?

If you're using a Telstra mobile phone, you can dial **61*101**30# and your phone will ring for 30 seconds.

How can I turn off messagebank on my mobile?

If you're using a Telstra mobile, you can dial #002# to turn off messagebank.

How can I turn off messagebank on my home phone?

If you're on the NBN, you can dial #99# to turn off your messagebank. If you're not on the NBN, you can visit our store or call Telstra on 132200 to remove messagebank.

What are Telstra Plus Points?

Telstra Plus is a rewards program where you can earn points for paying your bills. Points can then be used to rent movies on Telstra TV Box Office or to purchase items instore such as Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, wireless chargers and much, much more!

Can you print a copy of my bill?

No problem. We just need your account number or a phone number from the account and we can print a copy for you. If you’re on a Upfront Plan, we can help you access copies of your call history and receipts via the My Telstra app.

Can I connect to the internet with you?

Yes. We can help you connect to NBN, ADSL or mobile internet for portable solutions.

Can I buy phones outright?

Absolutely. We sell phones on plans or outright. It all depends on what's best for you.

Do you fix phones?

It depends on the problem.
We're happy to take a look and we can either assist with troubleshooting instore, sending it away under warranty or we can refer you to a local phone repair agent in Kempsey.

My phone is lost or stolen. Can you help me get my Telstra number back?

Yes. We can process a SIM replacement and retrieve your number.

Do you only sell Telstra?

We can also help you connect to Boost Mobile or Belong Mobile. We also sell unlocked phones if you are staying with another carrier.

How can I tell if an email is from Telstra or is a scam?

Check for give aways like spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Common ones are spaces or commas where they shouldn’t be and capitals on letters mid-sentence. Check the email address of the sender to see if it ends in outlook or gmail or another non-Telstra email. If in doubt, don’t click any links. Contact our store or call Telstra to check if the email is legitimate.
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