We've been helping the Macleay Valley connect since the late 90s.

Starting out as Leading Edge Telecoms, we were selling CDMA mobiles from one desk at the back of Rick Fuller’s Tandy Electronics Store in Smith Street. With the need for internet (then dial-up) and mobile phones on the rise, Rick opened a second store on the opposite side of Smith Street offering a complete communications one-stop-shop.

Over the next two decades the CDMA network was replaced with Next-G and Next-G was replaced with 4G. Dial-up was replaced with ADSL and the NBN network rolled out across a large portion of the valley. Tandy Electronics became Dick Smith and eventually, Rick closed his long standing electronics business to focus on telecommunications. His ‘No more Dick Sale’ featured on the TV show ‘Rove’ in their famous ‘What the?!?’ skit.

In 2016, after 30 years in the electronics and telecommunications industry, Rick left the business in the hands of his daughter; Tara.

With 9 years already under her belt, and having worked in all areas of the business, Tara was ready to charge ahead with changes.

In 2017 we were forced to rebrand due to the closure of the Leading Edge Telecoms franchise. After much deliberation and collaboration, Echo Voice & Data was born.

In 2018 we renovated for the first time in 14 years and gave our new name a new look to match.

In 2019 we expanded, taking up a new location….back where we started! We opened a new site for our Telstra Business customers to visit. In 2020 we decided that wasn’t such a great decision! We closed our store of 14 years at 53 Smith Street and moved everything back to one office at 52 Smith Street. It’s been a journey! We’re now settled with our new look, new name, new office all under one roof.

Our approach to operations is a focus on solutions. Telecommunications is not one size fits all and we take great pride in finding custom solutions and coming up with creative ways to get around road blocks. We’re not easily deterred. Got a problem? Throw it at us and we’ll enjoy the challenge. We offer a welcoming atmosphere with products you can interact with and try out instore.

Bill reviews? Yes. Got a problem with your phone? Let’s take a look. Need to connect to the internet? Take a seat and we’ll get that sorted. As our motto says, we’re just friendly professionals, helping you connect.

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